Program 2022





Free Place Sainte Estelle à 17h30

Wednesday 07 September           Nina PAPA
Thursday 08 September               Cecil L. RECCHIA
Friday 09 September                    Guillaume NOUAUX Trio
Saturday 10 September              Cédric CHAUVEAU Trio


Not Free Salle Henry Gros à 21h00

Wednesday 07 September         Jérôme ETCHEBERRY  / Hommage à Louis ARMSTRONG
Thurday 08 September               Bria SKONBERG

Friday 09 September                  Les HARICOTS ROUGES
Saturday 10 September             Ninine GARCIA et Leila DUCLOS

Not Free Salle Henry Gros à 19h00

 Sunday 11 September                Kaz HAWKINS 


Jazz en Septembre


After so many months during which all forms of cultural life have suffered enormously, we are finally feeling its renewal.

The 2022 program will be unveiled outside and will carry high the hope of an exceptional cultural musical revival.

This edition will begin on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 around 5:30 pm with a stroll through town with the Baton Rouge fanfare and will continue for the lucky owners of the full package with a magical cruise in Cavalaire Bay.



On Wednesday, September 7, 2022 at 5:30 pm it is with the quintet of Nina Papa and her frenzied jazz that you will have an appointment.



The same day Espace Henry Gros at 9:00 pm with the octet of Jérôme Etcheveberry we will evoke Mr. Louis Amstrong.


Thursday, September 8, 2022 at 5:30 pm place to Cecil L. Recchia, who will make us discover his latest album ‘Play Blue » freshly out of the press, brought to the skies by the jazz world


On Thursday evening it is with Bria Skonberg, the rising star of American jazz, that you will meet Espace Henry Gros at 9pm. Trumpeter (a style comparable to that of Louis Armstrong), a soft purr of a singing voice inspired by that of Anita O’Day and the healthy glow of youth, here is in a few words the one you will discover that evening.


On Friday, September 9, 2022, the Guillaume Nouaux Trio will welcome you to Esplanade Sainte-Estelle at 5:30 pm. Since 2018, Guillaume Nouaux has created his trio with Jérôme Gatius (clarinet) and Alain Barrabès (piano). They will perform a repertoire rooted in the tradition of the jazz of the origins, where ragtime, blues, swing and popular tunes from New Orleans mingle.

The same evening les Haricots rouges, the oldest French jazz band will be waiting for you Salle Henry Gros at 21:00. Since 1963 and all over the world, Les Haricots Rouges has opened for Louis Armstrong, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Georges Brassens and nearly 5,000 concerts in a 50-year career. … Great numbers, visual as well as musical, Haricots Rouges. Of course, you have to be outstanding musicians to have fun with music… They provided the first part of Brassens, Brel… They have rubbed shoulders with the greatest of music, B.B. King, Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Nelson, Sam Lee and many others have no secrets for them. Rehearsals in a small apartment on the rue du Puit de l’Ermite in Paris seem far away for the Red Beans. Coming straight from New Orleans and with almost 50 years of career, they have traveled the stages of the whole world.


On Saturday, September 10, 2022 at 5:30 pm we will entrust the stage to the Cédric Chauveau Trio. Cédric discovered jazz a little by chance in 1993 thanks to the pianist Antoine Pinnilla-Munoz. With bassist Nicola Sabato and drummer Mourad Benhamou, accustomed to the national and international scenes, the trio declines a repertoire articulated around original compositions of the pianist and great jazz standards rearranged freely.


Saturday night is time for gypsy jazz with one of its greatest performers, Ninine Garcia. His style, his sonority make him a poet of the instrument! A musician who touches the depths of each of us. His notes go straight to the heart without detour. Far from free virtuosity exercises and sensational effects, he offers us music like there is none. Music without makeup, without artifice. His sense of melody, his feeling and his openness to all styles of music give his guitar a very special color. He will be accompanied by Eva Slongo on violin, Leila Duclos and Rocky Garcia on guitar and Laurent Delaveau on double bass.


Finally on Sunday, September 11, Kaz Hawkins invites you, Henry Gros Room at 7 pm for a tribute to Mrs. Etta James.

Music saved Kaz Hawkins’ life. Literally. She tells her sadly true and terribly poignant story in the song Lipstick & Cocaine, whose music video totals 2 million views accumulated between Youtube and Facebook.

An extraordinary story of survival and hope.

Born in Belfast, Kaz Hawkins discovered blues, gospel, jazz, all these African American music for which she has the voice, the groove, but also a talent for writing.

And on stage! Kaz is simply solar! Full of life, charismatic, she does not need to do much to attract the gaze and attention of the public, who emerge from her concerts moved, happy, turned upside down.

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