L’esplanade Sainte-Estelle


With its free view on the harbour where the sailing ships’ masts softly oscillate, the Esplanade Sainte Estelle (patroness of the Occitan poets) offers optimum conditions for fine Jazz concerts. Light-flooded in the morning, it is a pleasant tree’s shadow which protects the esplanade from the heat in the afternoon.

The PASS FESTIVAL holders will be seated right in the middle, whereas other listeners can take a seat on the steps of the Maison de la Mer or in the surrounding cafés.

Entry for all concerts on Esplanade Sainte Estelle is FREE.

GPS-Coordinates of Esplanade Sainte Estelle :
Latitude: 43.172675
Longitude: 6.530005

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La salle Henry Gros

Salle 1








Located in the city centre, the Salle Henry Gros offers optimum conditions for enjoying music. Space, technical equipment, lighting   : All you need for high quality concerts is present. Only some metres away from the harbour with its bars and restaurants you will easily find a place to eat and drink something before or after the concert.

GPS-coordinates of Salle Henry Gros :
Latitude: 43.170728
Longitude: 6.53131


Click HERE to discover the concerts about to take place at Salle Henry Gros.


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