From Wednesday, 5th september until Sunday, 9th september

At the end of the main season, Caval’air Jazz festival presents excellent musicians in a splendorous environment.

   Wednesday, September 5, 2018: Accoules Sax: From the Avenue des Allies to the Port from 5 to 7 PM.

For your enjoyment, Accoules Sax, the legendary Jazz band Funk de Marseille, first Fanfare Funk de France created in 1988, occurs worldwide, from London to Singapore, from Montreal to Beijing, as part of prestigious musical events, Walk into town from 17:00.
From New Orleans to Funk, from James Brown to electric Miles Davis, the Accoules Sax music touches all audiences and infuses a festive spirit.






Thursday, September 6, 2018: Leila Duclos Trio: Esplanade Sainte-Estelle 5 PM.

Free entrance


Leila Duclos Trio: Here is what should be called a « cultural Unique »: Able to play Gypsy guitar, sing of the ballards and swing when one is a modern young girl. It’s rare!
It is in this that Leila Duclos challenges and corresponds to the image of the Festival: without the slightest nostalgia, it bears an ardent news of this culture of travel!
Remember this name: Leila Duclos!







Thursday,6th september 2018: Michel Pastre Quintet: Salle Henri Gros at 9 PM.

Price of seats 25€

In 2006, Michel Pastre and Louis Mazetier, two musicians who were highly acclaimed for several decades and recognized in the international classical Jazz world, decided for the first time to play together… and to create a lesson! From duo, the orchestra quickly declined into a quintet, including the trumpeter Jérôme Etcheberry, which they included in their project, the double bassist Raphael Dever and drummer François Laudet.





Friday 7th september 2018: Trio Bergin +1: Esplanade Sainte-Estelle at 5.00 PM.

Free entrance


  The trio Bergin revisits many standards of swing, Latino music and jazzy reprise of French songs by Nougaro, Gainsbourg, Vian, Sanseverino and many others. A varied repertoire that will go straight to the heart of the public Cavalairois who will appreciate the total cohesion of the whole. No doubt this group from the Ariège will bring an air of freshness in the warmth of a sunny late summer afternoon. Come and discover the singer Stéphanie Astre, and her communicative dynamism, the professional and smiling Christophe Naudi unleashed to the washing board and the tireless pianist Frank Souriant to the Thousand and one recomposition. They will be accompanied by Julien Duthu on the double bass.



Friday,7th september 2018: Pierre-Yves Plat: Salle Henri Gros at 9 PM.

Price of seats 25€


The pianist Pierre-Yves Plat escapes the labels: his repertoire takes us from Chopin to Ray Charles, from Bach to Stevie Wonder and holds many surprises. Pierre-Yves Plat will enchant you with his virtuosity, his fantasy and his humour. It will offer you a musical crossing between classical and jazz, a real recreation.









Saturday, 8th september 2018: Piero Ianetti Trio: Esplanade Sainte-Estelle at 11 AM.

Free entrance

Chopin’s music is an inexhaustible place for a jazz trio. It’s all there. The colourful harmony of an incredible modernity, the brilliance of the features, the piano dominance, but also the Romanticism, the lyricism and the sensibility. How can we not be seduced by this genius who a century before the advent of jazz excelled in the art of improvisation? After years of music in common in a trio formed in 1999, including: Claudio Celada (Piano) Jean Cortes (double bass) Piero Ianetti (drums) today propose a reread of the Frédéric Chopin’s repertoire.


Saturday, 8th september 2018: Kristin Marion: Esplanade Sainte-Estelle at 5 PM.

Free entrance


  FRENCH’MENT Jazz was born from the passion of Kristin Marion, ( jazz singer, trained in vocal jazz in the United States), for many years for the swing and her love for our beautiful French language. Getting to do swing in  two languages together (French-English), with really different sounds and inflections, while keeping an authentic and festive jazz phrasing… is not given to everyone!!!





Saturday, 9th september 2018: Liane Foly: Salle Henri Gros at 9 PM.

Price of seats 30€

Liane Foly: A powerful and recognizable voice one in a million, a precious gift for writing and interpreting deeply tender songs, a joy to relive in the ordeal of dramas; Add to that millions of discs sold and it could almost sum up 30 years of music by Liane Foly, one of the most beloved artists of the French public, one of the most daring also by his career choices.










Sunday, 9th September: Soul Kays « Tribute to Otis Redding »: Salle Henri Gros at 7 PM.

Price of seats 25€

 A  little over fifty years ago, on December 10, 1967, at the peak of his glory, Otis Redding left us in a terrible plane crash.
On the occasion of his disappearance, Soul Kays decides to pay homage to this sacred hero of soul music. Two brass instruments  join the band to present a new concert-show.



There is no video link, as there is no substitution for being at alive concert. 

So come and participate live with the artist we offen this year.






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